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Here I will post, instead of my resume, excerpts from my Publish America book titled "Hanging onto the Cow's Foot."

On finding a surprise in
a can of cut green beans

I have seen some strange things in my life, but something occurred the other evening that I think tops everything!
My wife was preparing supper, (Yes, Tina does cook for me even after all the trouble I give her.), and she reached into the cupboard for a can of beans, at least that is what the label indicated was in the can.
Imagine the look on her face when she opened the can and found it filled with yellow kernels of corn -- not a bean in sight.
Now, I have heard of children tearing the labels off canned goods and the mother would have to guess what was in them, but when it says `green beans' on the label; that is what you expect to find when you open the can.
I think it is highly unlikely that this incident only happened to Tina.
There is no telling how many cans Laura Lynn shipped to supermarkets with the wrong labels attached. It stands to reason that there may be hundreds -- or maybe thousands -- of people opening cans expecting........

Politicians should read the
Declaration of Independence

When the Revolutionary War broke out on April 19, 1775, very few colonists wanted independence. Most only wanted a larger measure of self-government within the British Empire. George Washington promised to work for "peace and harmony between the mother country and the colonies." In September 1775, Thomas Jefferson still "looked with fondness towards a reconciliation."
In October 1775, the British burned the town of Portland, ME., destroying the homes of a thousand people just at the approach of winter. The siege of Boston inflicted severe hardships on its people.
Then came news that 20,000 Hessian troops had been hired to put down the revolt.
"The king," wrote Jefferson, "has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed our people." The German mercenaries were intended "to complete his works of death, desolation, and tyranny."
In the spring of 1776 North Carolina was the first of several states...........